25 April, 2010

A Day at Innovative Film City(B'lore)

We made plans to Start at Sharp 8:00AM for Innovative Film city which is located on Mysore Road around 23Kms from Bangalore City. As usual we got late by around 45mins and left from room at 8:45AM. It took us around 1hr to reach Majestic Bus Depot from Koramangala area where we stay.

From there we moved to Platform No: 19E where we have to board Bidadi bus to IFC. At 10:00AM bus(Route No: 226N) have come to the platform. There is direct bus to Bidadi at every 1hr interval from majestic. It took us another 90mins to reach IFC stop.

The final destination is still around 5Kms from the place we got down and there is no bus service from that stop, and the only option in front of us was to make use of the auto service. By seeing us getting down from the bus 2 Autos came towards us hoping they are gonna get their prey for the day. As we were 6 we have to opt for 2 Autos. But when we got into the auto the driver started giving some conditions like it is village area and they dont run for meter charges and we have to pay 60Rs for one side travel, that means for 2 auto we need to pay 120Rs. I did try to convince them to reduce it and atleast make it 1 and half of meter fare but they sticked to their conditions. Finally we have to opt for what they say as we did not have another option to reach IFC from that point.

So Finally we reached Film City at around 11:45AM.

Next is rush to ticket counter before the queue gets longer. But the queue was not so long and within less than 5min we could get the tickets. There are different options for taking tickets. You can just get a 50Rs ticket to enter IFC and purchase individual tickets for different attractions from inside, or you can go for either of the 2 packages( Combo 1 which is for Rs399 and Combo 2 which is for Rs699). We took the Combo 1 , It includes, Mirror Maze, Dino Park, Ripley's Believe it or not, Fossil Museum, Mini Golf, Miniature City, Wax Museum, haunted mansion, Fossil Hunt, Wannado City.

We covered few of the attractions before noon and had meals from the food court which is near the haunted mansion. You have different stalls like anand bhavan, jain stall, rajdhani.... We had south Indian meals from there and again started for covering the rest of the attractions left out in our package. But after lunch we were literally tired due to the heat. so we were in a rush to cover everything and get back to room. By around 3:30PM we got out from there and now we were all exhusted that we just need to reach back home and take rest. But by the time we reached majestic it was raining heavily. So finally we reached back to room at around 7:30PM after a long time sitting in bus for aroud 4hrs..

22 April, 2010

Cute Look

Eyes of Innocence....